Revolutionising Industrial Health Monitoring: My Role at

Revolutionising Industrial Health Monitoring: My Role at
The smartest Industrial AI platform to operate rotating machines in Process Industries spidersense™, an Industrial IoT system that comes with an IoT device (iHz™) & sensors, that doesn’t need installation

Greetings, fellow tech enthusiasts! I'm Aditya, a Machine Learning Engineer at, where we're pioneering the future of industrial health monitoring. As a final year student and an ML enthusiast, I've found my calling in this innovative venture.

The Cutting-Edge Technology at stands at the forefront of industrial innovation with its IoT and ML-driven asset health monitoring system for rotating machines. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the industry​​.

  1. The Core: Spidersense™ System - The heartbeat of our technology is the spidersense™, an Industrial IoT system equipped with iHz™ devices and sensors. These devices continuously monitor machine health in real-time, 24/7, without needing direct machine installation​​.
  2. Preventive Intelligence: AI Platform - As a Machine Learning Engineer, I'm particularly excited about our AI platform, spidersense™. It's engineered to identify anomalies in machine behavior early on, preventing breakdowns and performance degradation​​.
  3. Connectivity and Accessibility: Web & Mobile App - Our solutions extend to a mobile application and a web platform, enabling swift connectivity to the cloud and consolidated asset health monitoring. This system ensures that machinery health is just a tap away​​.

My Role and Vision

As part of the team, my role involves harnessing the power of machine learning to enhance our state-of-the-art AI platform using the popular and awesome field of Large Language Models (LLMs). Every day, I work towards making our system more intuitive, efficient, and capable of detecting and diagnosing faults in their nascent stages.

Team Dynamics and Mentorship at

Joining has immersed me in a vibrant team atmosphere, marked by continuous collaboration and innovation. The team's energy is dynamic; each member's unique skills and insights create an environment rich in learning and creativity.

Crucially, my experience is greatly enriched by the mentorship of Ravi Teja Valluri, our CEO and co-founder. Ravi is not just a leader, but a visionary. His profound knowledge and commitment to innovation inspire me daily. Under his guidance, I am honing my machine learning skills and deepening my understanding of the industrial tech landscape. His problem-solving approach and strategic thinking are immensely enhancing my professional growth.

This ongoing mentorship, along with the team's vibrant spirit, makes my time at a period of significant personal and professional development.

Impact and Future Goals

The impact of our work is tangible: a significant reduction in unplanned downtime, early fault detection, and a drastic cut in manual inspections​​. But we're not just stopping there. At, and in my role, we're continuously striving to push the boundaries of what's possible in industrial health monitoring.

As I continue my journey at, I'm not only building a robust career in machine learning but also contributing to a smarter, more efficient industrial future.